What is Sharing Compassion?

Sharing Compassion is an opportunity for sponsors to share their story of sponsoring with Compassion in churches and events, so that more children can be released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Sharing Compassion can happen anytime and anywhere. The purpose is to help bring the needs of children in poverty to the attention of caring Christians who could help them. We provide you with all the resources you need for a successful event, including an appropriate video to share and presentation ideas.

Hundreds of people will be participating

You can participate too, and be part of an amazing day that will result in giving hundreds of children the chance for a new life.

What’s involved?

Step 1

Get permission from your pastor or event organizer

To host a Sharing Compassion event, you will need to get your pastor’s or event organizer’s permission. Please be sure to share the Invitation Booklet we’ve prepared for you.

Step 2

Get your Sharing Compassion event registered

After your pastor or event organizer says “YES!” make sure you register your event. Registration is easy and it’s important.

Step 3

Get ready...to inspire people to sponsor a child during your Sharing Compassion event!

Your Sharing Compassion Event Kit contains all of the information and tips you need to plan your event, share your story and inspire people to sponsor a child.

Get started today

First, make sure you meet with your pastor or event organizer to get permission. Once you have permission, register your event below. We’ll send you everything you need to make your event a success!

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Download Resources

Register your event and we’ll send you this Sharing Compassion Event Kit in the mail. Or download a digital version and start planning your event today.

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